Our Services

Our Coworking Space provides amazing office space to all out of the box thinkers. There are communities of people all over the city who are gathering to share space and help each other. We are here to help you find your people. With a team that is always ready to go the extra mile, we are driven by a Customer-centric services model. We at 929 Office intend to provide the right balance between staying professional and being casual. With carefully customized work desks and highly ergonomic chairs, we intend to provide best in class desk space.

Private Offices -Fully Furnished 

We offer private office spaces that combine convenience, comfort, and style. Our office spaces are the perfect solution for your office needs!

Our private offices are fully furnished, so you don't have to go furniture shopping. We even take care of the cleaning and maintenance of our office space for you allowing you to concentrate your efforts on what is most important: your business.

Meeting Room 

Business meetings have always played a crucial role in our work lives. However, the need for a meeting room will depend on the work nature and the requirements of a team. Be it a conference call with your offshore client or a quick collaborative meet on a one-off basis or regularly, 929 Office's meeting rooms come in all styles, shapes, and sizes along with the state-of-the-art technology to go with it.

The uses of meeting rooms have evolved, and they now serve multiple purposes for companies. Hence, 929 Office keeps in mind the varied purpose of its clients and brings an all-new experience to the meeting rooms at its centers.

Included Amenities

Common Spaces have a distinct aesthetic and vibe that will inspire your team, as well as the quests you bring into our Buildings. Immerse in our wide range of amenities carefully curated to help enable a hassle free work-life for you.

24/7 A/C


Fully Furnished


Complimentary Area


24*7 Access

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